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The A to Z (Aid to Zimbabwe) Trust is based and run in the UK. Initially we started our work helping with projects in Zimbabwe during the early 1990s and finally moved to becoming a registered charity in December 2007.

The trustees are regular visitors to Zimbabwe and ensure that funds provided to our partners are used appropriately, not wasted and that the projects are managed efficiently*. As a charity we utilize our experience and connections in Zimbabwe by carefully researching projects and putting donations to work only where we feel they will be most effective and produce the best possible results.

Currently we pay for:
  • Food and clothing. We visit orphanages and assess their situations for ourselves to make sure your donations make a difference.
  • Medicines and medical equipment. We buy and donate to hospitals and hospices that do not charge their patients.
  • School fees. We receive school reports every few months so we know we are helping. We visit the schools ourselves and also supply educational materials like reference books and stationery.
*Trustees pay their own expenses and administration costs are very small.

Tragically there has been a significant decline in the economy of a country that was once described as “the breadbasket of Southern Africa” to a situation where now Zimbabwe although minerally very rich is a country with high unemployment (around 90%) and poverty levels - the poorest people suffer greatly and have very low life expectancy.

Zimbabwe has been deeply affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis that is currently ravaging the African continent. Its people also suffer from other life-threatening diseases like Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The social and health problems currently in Zimbabwe together with economic decline means that children no longer receive free education or health services. Most families cannot afford to pay the school or hospital fees that are now in place.

Many children in Zimbabwe are orphans who have lost one or both parents or are now carers who look after sick and dying parents/grandparents and their younger brothers and sisters. This leaves little time for education and barely enough money to care for a family.

We would like to help the poorest children and make a positive difference to their futures; we would like you to help us raise the funds we need to achieve this. A small regular donation can make a large difference in the lives of those who need help and support.

No matter how small, every penny you give will help someone have a better life.
Reg Charity No: SCO39203 | email us | Tel: +44 (0)1620 824284